- Brothers Grancino

Cello by the Grancino Brothers, Milan, c. 1680

The story began when the owner of the old Grancino cello commissioned Susanne to carry out a complete restoration. It had a great number of old cracks that had been poorly glued, sunken arches, poorly fitting patches, heavily worn edges and corners etc.

All in all, the cello spent a whole “wellness year” in our workshop!

After the restoration was finished, the instrument had regained its solidity as well as its powerful and velvety sound. It was ready to assume its duties as the instrument of a principal Cellist of a major German orchestra.

After this year, Susanne was so fascinated with the instrument that she decided to make a new Grancino cello, using a poplar back, beechwood ribs, and walnut scroll as those Milanese masters did 300 years ago.

And when the owner of the original happened to be back in Hamburg for a visit, he instantly fell in love with the copy and carried it off the shelf straightaway, without hesitation!