Upcoming exhibitions


It takes a lot of time to make a handcrafted master instrument. We reckon with ca. three months to make a new violin or viola, and approximately nine months for a new cello. On a certain day when you visit our workshop it thus might occur that no newly made instrument is ready for you to try out.


So, if you’re interested, as soon as we have finished the next new instrument we’ll gladly inform you, since most instruments will stay in the workshop a couple of weeks before being handed over to those who have ordered them.

Exhibitions, on the other hand, are another great opportunity to get to know our instruments.

Our upcoming exhibitions are the following:

KlangGestalten exhibition 2023   

The next KlangGestalten exhibition is scheduled to take place in Berlin, October 13th to 15th, 2023 - 

in Dussmann-Saal in the C.P.E. Bach Gymnasium - save the date!

You´ll find a complete program and more details from spring 2023 onwards at www.klanggestalten.de/en

Exhibition Klanggestalten

Previous exhibitions:

KlangGestalten exhibition 2022,

C.P.E. Bach Gymnasium, Berlin, October 14th to 16th,

→ see www.klanggestalten.de/en

KlangGestalten exhibition 2020/21,

Villa Rothermund, Dresden, July 1st to 3rd,

CLAC Paris

The French maker´s collective CLAC invited us to exhibit in Paris: Susanne´s latest viola was there on the show from March 17th to June 20th - including an 8-weeks closure of the show due to Covid-19...  → see www.clac-paris.com

One Form - Twenty Violins,

Exhibition in the University of Music / mdw Vienna, Nov. 22nd, 2019, Fanny-Hensel-Saal.

Subsequently at the Alpenmilchzentrale, from Nov. 23rd to 24th, 2019, Weyringergasse 36, 1040 Vienna.

Details can be found at →  www.facebook.com/One-Form-Twenty-Violins

KlangGestalten Ausstellung 2019,

C.P.E. Bach Gymnasium Berlin, 1.11. - 3.11.2019