Our customers



Costumer references:

Prof. Hartmut Lindemann, Cologne:

“As soon as I held my new Hampel viola in my hands, I started using it for all my concerts and recordings, including a very important jury member recital at the Tertis Competition in the year 2000. The instrument’s sound is immediately enthralling; it has a wide range of sonorities and an incredible ease of response. The varnish has a tasteful antique look, thus making this viola not only a delight for the ears, but also for the eyes.”

Gabriele Steinfeld, Hamburg:

“Today I am playing a Brahms programme in the Dresden Festival Orchestra on gut strings on my gorgeous Riebesehl violin: it sounds beautiful! And the response on this instrument is smooth as butter.”

Prof. Stephan Picard, Berlin:

"Klasse. Eine sehr schöne Geige."

Tuomas Roos, Helsinki:

"To have an instrument with a seemingly limitless range of sound colours and such responsiveness that it feels as if it followed my every thought and whim, is a true privilege. When on top of this my Riebesehl cello is simply beautiful to look at, what more could I ask for?"

Gabriel Bala, Solo violist, Düsseldorf:

"Sehr schöne Arbeit, gratuliere."

Gabriele Winter, Linz:

“To begin with, I congratulate you, Ms Riebesehl, for having built such a beautiful violin. I have already received a number of quite positive reactions, even from violinists who are thoroughly critical. Each day I am so glad to take up this violin and start playing it!”

Stefan Schmidt, Hamburg Philharmonics:

“Andreas’s copy is like the younger brother of my old Amsterdam violin!”

List of costumers

Our new, handcrafted instruments are being played by professionals as well as demanding amateurs; some have also been purchased by public foundations. Our customers include:


Stefan Wagner (Vi), first concertmaster of NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra, Hamburg

Matthias Erbe (Vi), Neues Konzertorchester Berlin

Prof. Hirofumi Fukai (Va), Hamburg

Sebastian Gürtler (Vi), Amarcord Wien, Alban Berg Ensemble, Philharmonixx

Stefan Schmidt (Vi), Hamburger Philharmoniker

Roswitha Killian (Va), Nathan Quartett

Tuomas Roos (Vc), Helsinki

Birita Dam (Va), Faeroese Symphony Orchestra

Gabriele Steinfeld (Vi), Hamburg

Maurice Appelt (Va), HfM Weimar

Levon Margaryan (Vi), Alabama Symphony Orchestra

Shini Tachibana (Va), Nagoya, Japan

Julia Kraft (Vi), DSO Berlin

Prof. Hartmut Lindemann (Va), HfM Münster

Christos Pashalidis (Va), Malmö Opera Orkester

Floortje Beljon (Vi), Nescio Ensemble

Yi Lu (Viola), Düsseldorfer Symphoniker

Elena Rindler (Vi), DSO Berlin

Johannes Weeth (Va), Gürzenich Orchester Köln

Gabriele Winter (Vi), Ensemble Furioso Linz

Anthea Thoma (Va), Trossingen

Hui-Tzu Lee (Vi), Hamburger Symphoniker

Walter Mengler, Solocellist, Aachen

Friederike Bruhn (Va), Hamburg / Kiel

Jürgen Herbst (Va), Hildesheim

Pei-Chung Ho (Vi), Taiwan

Katharina Peters (Va), Bonn

Norbert Heidgen (Va), Wennigsen

Arne Westerhaus (Vi), Stade


International Louis Spohr Foundation, Kassel

Haspa Musik Foundation, Hamburg