#recent work
fresh violin scroll


On this page we present our freshest instruments in random order,

“directly off the brush”, so to speak. These instruments often spend just a couple of weeks in the workshop until the customer who ordered them picks them up, or until they find another new home.

Feel free to give us a call: perhaps one of these instruments is still in the workshop!

Viola Goffriller-model,  Susanne Riebesehl 2020,  40.8 cm

Bratsche Goffriller-Modell 2020, Decke
Bratsche Goffriller-Modell 2020, Boden
Bratsche Goffriller-Modell 2020, Schnecke

Testore-model Viola , Andreas Hampel 2019, 41cm

Testore-model Viola 2019, back
Testore-model Viola 2019, top
Testore-model Viola 2019, scroll

Cello Venetian Model 

"Susanne Riebesehl 2019"

Venezianer Model 2019 front
Venezianer model 2019 scroll

Violin FCF-model

based on the form MS 1062 of the Stradivari-museum, Cremona

"Susanne Riebesehl 2020"

 sold in 2020

Turinese Viola 

"Andreas Hampel 2020" 39.8 cm

sold in 2020

Turiner Viola 2020 scroll
Turiner Viola 2020 front
Turiner Viola 2020 front

Milanese Viola 

"Andreas Hampel 2019" 42.7cm

sold in 2020

Milanese Viola 2019 f-hole
Milanese Viola 2019 back
Milanese Viola 2019 scroll