At the 2016 KlangGestalten exhibition recital, Wassili Wohlgemuth performed J. S. Bach’s Solo Violin Sonata No. 1 on a violin made by Andreas. Three weeks later, Frank, our videographer, produced this YouTube video of Wassili's performance:

Baroque music expert Gabriele Steinfeld has chosen to play a violin made by Susanne. Actually, she had intended to use it for performances of Romantic and modern music, but, as we can see (and hear), this violin also “does Baroque” quite well:

In August 2020 violin virtuoso Sebastian Gürtler acquired this brand-new violin jointly made by Hamburg-based maker Susanne Riebesehl and Vienna-based maker Roland Schueler.

A violin by two makers?  Yes!

The project was started by sharing ideas to plan the instrument, followed by an intense working meeting in Hamburg ... finally finished in Vienna.

Sebastian recorded this part of Ysaÿe solo sonata (27.1) at home to show the joy and comfort he has with this beautiful violin.


In 2013, Lukas Johannsen made this film about KlangGestalten, our violin maker collective.

I find that he has truly captured the vibrant mood full of expectation and discovery that one feels at those exhibitions:


Varnish from the coffee machine...

In order to provide some insight into the ideas and procedures that we apply in our daily life at the workshop, we shot a film in 2017 about one of those thousand details: how we make varnish. We had great fun working on this with filmmaker Lukas Wengorz!

Instrument of the year...

In 2020 the violin was chosen by Deutscher Musikrat to be "instrument of the year".

Amoung violinists, professors and composers Susanne was chosen to tell about her love for this instrument and about the violin maker's view.




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