- Stradivari 1704 violin
Stradivari Model 1704

Stradivari Model 1704

This one is a true classic: a model from Antonio Stradivari’s early golden period. It features well-balanced, fine proportions, swung arching, and a graceful scroll.

We are really fond of this violin model, as all our 1704 violins “like to be played”, all dynamics can be shaped easily with minimum effort, and in addition they always have an easy response.

It is thus equally suitable for tracing the delicate melodic lines of chamber music as well as robust solo passages in forte.

We model this violin after three original Stradivari violins from the same period, having complete notes, outlines, photos, plaster casts and CT scans of these in our archives: the "Sleeping Beauty" (1704), "Betts" (1704) and  "Conte Fontana" (ex- Oistrakh, 1702)

International Violin Making Competition
Stradivari Modell 1704 - 2017
Stradivari Model 1704 - 2017 - back

For this violin in full varnish, Susanne was awarded 2nd Prize in sound category at the Prague International Violin Making Competition in 2017.

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Stradivari model 1704 - back corner

Stradivari Modell 1704

This 1704 violin was made by Andreas in 2012 with antiqued varnish.

Stradivari Model 1704 Front

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Stradivari Modell 1704
Stradivari Model 1704 back

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If you are interested in sound samples from this model, please have a look on our website VIDEOS.

W. Wohlgemuth, G. Steinfeld und S. Gürtler perform on a violin of this model:  →here