- Carlo Bergonzi violin
Carlo Bergonzi, back of 2021 violin

Carlo Bergonzi

During her time in Amsterdam, Susanne was responsible for upkeep and maintenance of an exceptionally fine Carlo Bergonzi violin. The plaster counter-forms made to enable its repair were preserved after the work was finished, and had been used in order to make positive casts of that violin.

This is the usual procedure through which we have been able to assemble our →glyptotheque.

Since this Bergonzi violin was a true inspiration in terms of visual style and sound, Susanne brought back a great quantity of photos, outlines and plaster casts of it from Amsterdam.

Now, in Hamburg, she often uses this beautiful model to make new handcrafted violins that are widely appreciated

Carlo Bergonzi, Hamburg 2021, 

owned by Stefan Wagner, concertmaster NDR Elbphilharmonie.

Carlo Bergonzi - top of 2021 violin


Carlo Bergonzi, Hamburg 2010: