- Hendrik Jacobs violin
Hendrik Jacobs scroll

Hendrik Jacobs

Hendrik Jacobs is the best known violin maker of the Old Dutch school. His violin model shows the influence of Amati’s Grand Pattern: his outlines, arching, and scrolls are of the finest elegance. The originals have a strongly expressive, deep black purfling made of baleen – a material we obviously do not use nowadays in our modern copies, since it´s made from whales and under strict protection.

Though Jacobs instruments are not that often played by concert soloists; they are highly esteemed in orchestras and in fine chamber music ensembles. Their incredibly colorful and nuanced sound always has that wonderful additional silver lining of brilliance.

During her time in Amsterdam, Susanne got to know many of these instruments - in Hamburg, quite a handful of Hendrik Jacobs instruments (originals as well as our copies) are currently being played and are much appreciated.

Hendrik Jacobs front

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