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Student Instruments

Did you make all these instruments we see here in the shop?” we are often asked.

Obviously not - for centuries already, lower-priced instruments for beginners have been manufactured, partly made with assistance of machines, partly by use of pre-made violin parts. In each price class we have selected the best available instruments for you to choose from, best in terms of workmanship, durability, and sound.

We closely inspect the workmanship on each instrument, and go over all individual parts to ensure good playability and full sound. Thus, in every beginner’s violin we invest four hours of our workmanship, and at least eight hours in every beginner's cello.

Is all that time invested in handcrafted setup and adjustment worth really the effort? Wouldn’t it just be easier to order and sell student violins online?

Violins are just not an industrial commodity with production series and serial numbers; each instrument is just as unique as the soundwood from which it is made. Thus it is truly worth the effort to go over each student instrument, and to adapt the best possible setup concerning the pegs, the fingerboard, the string position, the bridge and the soundpost.

In terms of sound, each individual instrument requires the hand of a trained violin maker who can judge and optimize its sonority by working over the main sounding parts.

Old student violins, viola and cellos

We always have a selection of older instruments in our shop. Many of them have been played for a century and have thus acquired a beautiful, velvety sound.

All older student instruments have received a thorough checkup, including sound adjustment, before we propose them to our customers.

Our upgrade guarantee

Any customer who upgrades to a better quality instrument can return his/her previous instrument to us, we will accept it in payment. Provided, naturally, the returned instrument has been well taken care of and is in good condition. Please feel free to contact us, and we'll make an individual proposal.

Instruments to rent

Most student instruments owned by the shop can also be rented out. Feel free to consult us and ask about the conditions.

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