Sound Adjustment

Sound Adjustment

String instruments change considerably with the passing of time: a setup that worked well several years ago may start delivering less than optimal results if it is used in a different climate zone, or simply due to usage.

We start any sound adjustment by drawing up a record of the instrument’s current condition, to be able to return to it if necessary. Then, consulting with the customer, we modify the setup, play and listen to obtain improved sound or playability.

The important thing is to maintain a continual overview of the instrument as a whole. So it´s necessary to close open corners and cracks first, as well as to re-glue loose necks and fingerboards, before moving on to more delicate sound adjustments.

Sound adjustment comprises moving the soundpost and bridge, changing the strings and/or accessories (the tailpiece, the finetuners, the cello endpin), or modifying the bridge.

Sound adjustments are only carried out by appointment. Like all other repairs, they are invoiced according to the amount of worktime and material invested.

Hamberger soundposts

A Hamberger soundpost is a height-adjustable device made out of a light-weight synthetic polymer (not carbon!). The ball joints at the extremities adapt to all forms of arching; the height can be lengthened or shortened thanks to a smooth-running nut that´s turnable from the outside of the instrument.

These soundposts have convinced us because of their clear sonority and the possibility of being able to precisely adjust them without having to use heavy tools.

Hamberger soundposts can be quite helpful in some cases: for instance, if an instrument sounds too indistinct, or has poor response.

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