Repairs & Restoration


To ensure a string instrument or bow remains optimally playable in the course of its long life, all of its components need to be checked, serviced, and overhauled on a regular basis. Such normal repairs include:

- cleaning and polishing the varnish

- glueing of open seams, fingerboards and necks

- new bridges and soundposts

- fitting of new pegs or refitting of your existing pegs

- solid bushings and spiral bushings

- shooting fingerboards

- making and glueing of new fingerboards out of ebony or Corène©

- correction of fingerboard elevation or resetting the neck

- neck grafts

- cleaning and glueing of cracks

- fitting and glueing new bassbars

- fitting patches in tops and backs (such as sound post patches)

- retouching the varnish and other work on the varnish

- as well as bow repairs.



Occasionally, when an instrument has suffered major accidents or has been poorly repaired after previous damage, it is in need of major restoration. We use the term “restoration” if not just one flaw requires attention, but an entire area of the instrument is affected.
In the course of restoration, the violin maker can stabilize cracks, rebuild and reinforce sunken archings, or clean and refill certain areas where the varnish has worn away. While restoring the instrument’s structure and appearance, we apply the greatest care to preserve its original substance.

We can look back on over 25 years of experience in string instrument restoration. If your instrument is in need of a major workover, feel free to contact us.

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