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We also have the suitable bow for your violin, viola, or cello in our workshop.

We have all bow qualities in stock: bows for students and professionals, bows made of Massaranduba or Pernambuco, nickel silver or silver bows up to real master bows.

The bow should be well-adapted to the instrument, so we recommend that you choose your instrument first, and then the appropriate bow to go along with it.

Normally we stock student bows from the bow makers Georg Werner, Paesold, Knoll, Gewa, und Atelier Saldo.

In our assortment of master bows we usually have specimens in stock by Klaus Grünke, Dirk Löscher, Bernd & Michael Dölling, Atelier Finkel, W.E. Dörfler, and Mathias Thoma (Paesold). A selection of old master bows is also available on the premises.

We can also gladly organize a selection of samples of new bows made by our bow maker colleagues in the KlangGestalten group. If you would like to try out bows by Noel Burke, Emmanuel Carlier, Gerald Knoll, Dirk Löscher, Stéphane Muller, Rüdiger Pfau, Robert Pierce, or Ulf Johannson, you can either visit one of the annual KlangGestalten exhibitions, or you can ask us to bring a selection of their samples from the exhibition, or have them sent to us.






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