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It’s fascinating to observe the degree to which an appropriate choice of strings and accessories modifies an instrument’s sound and playability.

All these different types of chinrests, tailpieces, strings, endpins, rosins up to wolf note suppressors open up a wide range of possibilities in this area.

Our ample string selection comprises D'Addario, Crown, Jargar, Larsen, Lenzner, Pirastro, Prim, Savarez, Thomastik, Warchal and Westminster strings, from standard Dominant to exotic RONDO, TI or Amo and Vivo strings

Thanks to our international contacts, we keep ourselves up-to-date on the latest developments. We love to try out new, innovative products, and to get them in stock for our customers.

Our lineup of accessories is completed with a good shop selection of stable carrying cases for violin, viola and cello of the brands GEWA, BAM, WINTER, RIBONI, PEDI, and BERGNER.






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