- Strad 1704

1704 Stradivari model

This one is a true classic: a model from Antonio Stradivari’s early golden period.

It features well-balanced, fine proportions, swung arching, and a graceful scroll. In terms of sound, this violin model offers great flexibility: it can trace the contours of warm, fine chamber music just as well as vehement passages in fortissimo.

We model this violin after three original Stradivari violins from the same period, having complete notes, outlines, photos, plaster casts and CT scans of these in our archives: the "Sleeping Beauty" (1704), "Betts" (1704) and  "Conte Fontana" (ex- Oistrakh, 1702)

Susanne won 2nd place in the sound category at Prague International Violin Making Competition in 2017 with a violin of this model.

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